ii: doesnotbelongonEarth

by Stolen Shoes on the Beaten Path

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This EP was half recorded in my old apartment and half recorded at a friend's house (the same friend's house as the first EP). I remember smoking a lot of weed in that apartment and playing a lot of guitar in the walk-in closet. Still-life Actuality and I Get A's in Psych Class were recorded in that closet.

I also remember that I was obsessed with Bob Dylan around this time and when I recorded This & Those, Everybody's Wasted, and Temporary Hopegiver, I went for a heavily room-mic'd sound to try and capture the Dylan vibe...but who knows if I was even right to engineer it that way? Ha.

1…Still-life Actuality: The smartest thing to do is the smarter thing to do. // When will the sun stop coming out from behind the clouds? Send me where I know nobody. Out passed where I falter. My body lies adjacent to the wall. A simple trip to make me wander right next to the grapevine. My body lies adjacent to the wall. // A quick fix mixed up with a 1 and only dying. A mixed up quick fix with a 1 and only dying. // I don’t wanna know where this goes. I’d rather it be over.

2…This & Those: Listen to the traffic passing out the window. The rain is getting worse. The trees are breaking in twain. An exorcist stands atop a hill. The evil book in his hands. // For demons are logical creatures. Feeding on the weak is finitely interesting. // I beseech of thee demon please leave this morsel alone. Move onto the finer things. Stronger and luckier people…it’s almost as if they deserve it more. // The exorcist is a demon advisor. Sent from hell by satan itself. Yet it’s the lies of religion that feed the demon. Igniter the pyre and roast marshmallows. // For the coming end of jesus is a thing of the past. Scatter demon…let this morsel recuperate.

3…I Get A’s in Psychology Class: I told her I don’t believe in love and there’s no god above or hell below. I’m fucking stupid as I always was and I’m not exciting or worth being with. In the long run, relationships end after a few weeks. A handful of romps in the sack and it’s back to square 1. // Some time ago, the world had disappeared in the eyes of a succubus. Involuntarily my lips told her ‘I love you’. I had hung onto those words since I was a child. But the succubus thought I was a creep…a probable nutcase and treated me like something to avoid. // So…love doesn’t exist. It’s a fucking farce cuz god is love and god is just a lie we’re all born into. There’s no innocence left not one honest fucken person. Shit on the benefit of a doubt. You’ll never fucking understand cuz I don’t get to understand my life. Leave me here to rot. I’m not worthy of attention and if I could find the guts to acquiesce, I would.

4…Eye Arent: It’s all I need: panic, anxiety, worry, and sleepless days. The nights so sour. I’m beyond bitter. // When I dream, it’s silly…the things I see…all better than thinking over and over on things that I can’t change. All these things that no one can change. // So, cavernous dark take light to space and let the Earth crumble and implode. I’ve conquered her far too late, the ships have all sailed. // Don’t leave me to dream. As it stands I’m a wreck. Just this urge swelter and explode. I’ve conquered her far too late. The ships have all sailed.

5…Everybody’s Wasted: Everybody’s wasted in a well-lit, janky basement. Party til your face falls off, just in case your face falls off. Everybody’s wasted. // Everybody’s wasted in a backyard bonfire binging. Let’s forget our best intentions. Let’s forget what brought us here. Everybody’s wasted. // Everybody’s wasted in another janky basement. Don’t forget to lose your mind, just in case you lose your mind. Everybody’s wasted. // Everybody’s wasted. Get me drunk quick, I can’t take it. I won’t remember anything. I won’t remember going too far.

6…Temporary Hopegiver: It’s not enough to break thru. The spider on the wall must die. A beginning to end as if nothing happened. // If it was it would be but it’s obviously not. The writing on the wall misread. It’s beginning to feel like it’s all for a reason. // Give up, don’t try anymore. Quit lying to yourself. You’re missing out. You’re missing out on your future. // It’s impossible to try if it’s natural. The ulterior landscape is all around. A snoity imperfection lets no one inside. // Believe in yourself cuz there’s no one convincing you to keep on. But, they’re absolutely sure that it’s all for a reason. // Give up, don’t try anymore. Quit lying to yourself. You’re missing out. You’re missing out on your future.


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Stolen Shoes on the Beaten Path Southgate, Michigan

Jim makes mellow acoustic music occasionally.

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